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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. good friday morning many thank you for joining us. a lot to talk about. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. no more a's games on a school night for sue hall fighting to keep her voice. she will tell you more. right now frustrating traffic closures and delays this weekend in san francisco thanks to numerous events from fleet week to america's cup prelims. >> amy hollyfield is live along the embarcadero with a look ahead. one busy spot. >> reporter: it is going to be interesting. this is going to be a tough spot because the crowds will be thick. there's a nice wide sidewalk here but they expect this to be packed with pedestrians. so, where to put the bicyclists? city officials are going to try a novel idea. northbound lane on the embarcadero closed down, just
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for bicyclists. they think it is good because they want to keep them often sidewalk away from the pedestrians. there are -- there are signs around the embarcadero flashing now warning people of how crowded it is going to be. the plan for the bicyclists has not been widely publicized this is a new idea. they are going to shutdown a lane between bay and washington starting tomorrow. really, the message is, just don't even try to drive a car down here on the embarcadero this weekend. the elite flight team will take to the skies saturday and sunday afternoon. some of the pilots say san francisco is one of their favorite cities to fly over. they ever a big event not necessarily the main event. they will be sharing the stage the america's cup semi finals
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sailing competition is expected to attract huge crowds especially down at marina green. then don't forget about the giants' playoff game tomorrow. crowds on the embarcadero trying to get to the stadium. here's a map of where you can expect some problems in san francisco, lands end, four point, chrissy field and aquatic park. golden gate bridge district says it will be running extra buses and ferries. the bridge is expected to be jammed as well. bart will be running extra trains. good luck. it is going to be just as challenging to get to the blue angels than to fly those jets, not really many but it is going to be interesting. if you have a plan, you should be able to get here safely. just consider all of these different obstacles. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san francisco is not the
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only city that has a lot going on this weekend. big events across the bay. saturday cal takes on ucla this is homecoming weekend for cal. stanford takes on arizona both are home games. saturday night, justin bieber will play at oracle arena in oakland. saturday and sunday, madonna at hp pavillion in san jose. ben affleck and bradley cooper are scheduled to appear at the mill valley film festival. millbrae will hold the 7th annual japanese festival. these are just a few of the events for more, go to what is the potential for just jammed traffic in the city this weekend? >> i would say your odds are high. it is going to be jammed. you can take bart to cal always good because cal game
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no parking at memorial stadium. caltrain to stanford, muni has extra buses for all events in san francisco along the embarcadero as amy just mentioned golden gate ferry going to be running an extra ferry for giants' game sunday. extra bart trains for all the other events around the bay area, including justin bieber, hp pavillion is going to be jammed around the south bay. let's look at our waze app this will be a great tool for you to use during all these events this weekend this is highway 87 past hp pavillion right now very light. to download this free app to help get you around, it is free and you can join other abc7 traffic spotters throughout the bay area to find your alternates. including outside of san francisco. back to more news. 5:05. i moved to new york to work in fashion.
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in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. welcome back. we expect to learn more from contra costa county health officials about a man who has died from rabies the first such death there in nearly 20 years. in march, the pan was bitten by bat. in late -- late june the man developed symptoms while vacationing in thailand july 31st, he died in a hospital in
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switzerland. tests confirmed rabies was the cause. >> until it becomes more advanced it can elude diagnosis and of course, the average physician isn't thinking of rabies, at least not the average physician in a wealthy country. >> once symptoms develop rabies is almost always fatal. the unidentified man also worked in iraq. albany police releasing more details on the arrest of an a middle school teacher who later committed suicide. for the first time police confirmed multiple reported victims were involved. sixth grade teacher james izumizaki was arrested last week on speurb of lewd acts with a former stew -- on suspicion of lewd acts with a former student. he was found dead the uncourt or the evergreen district in san jose released notes taken by principal who stands accused of failing to report suspected child abuse by a teacher.
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craig chandler was arrested in january after two young student accused him of molestation. notes taken by the principal detail how a student told her chandler put something in her mouth while she was blindfolded and alone with him in a classroom. prosecutors say that should have been enough to report to authorities as required bay law. instead the principal only warned chandler who was arrested when the mother of another child reported him to police. civil rights attorneys asking a judge to put oakland police department under federal receivership stemming from the infamous riders case which went to trial in 2002, four officers were accused of vigilante justice the settlement called for reforms. more than a decade later those reforms are still not complete. oakland city officials say they are working to meet full compliance. no police department in the nation has ever been under federal receivership. oakland police launched
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new service to get more anonymous crime tips. you can text the oakland police department with information. the service is provided by a website that encrypts the sender's information so police can get in touch but everything stay as anonymous. more information on click on see it on tv. any rain would be a well some sight in santa clara county where officials are stopping boating activities on two reservoirs. the low levels are results of minimal rainfall and water storage prestrict s last winter was the driest year. city of cupertino flying at half-staff today to mark the first anniversary of steve jobs' death. the apple founder died of cancer at the age of 56. jobs grew up and went to school in cupertino. the mayor says flying the city's blue flag at half-staff at the community center is a
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way to acknowledge jobs' profound local impact. pg&e alerts residents if they smell the odor of gas it is part of a test. crews this time will be conducting natural gas venting work in an unincorporated area of san mateo county. right off 280 there along the freeway or right out the neighborhood you might smell it. time for a look at forecast. the marine layer is everywhere this morning, low clouds, fog, temperatures mild if you are away from sonoma county to the north around santa rosa chilly but otherwise, the numbers in narrow range upper 40s there, mid 50s elsewhere with a couple of 60s around out towards the delta overall, cool start by the afternoon,
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11:00, 12:00, more clearing then mostly sunny in the 60s at our coast to the upper 70s inland. as we cool off a couple degrees inland nice and mild as the marine layer continues to thin out. if you are headed to the strictly blues grass festival how do they say it? any way, hardly strictly, low 60s with part i had cloudy skies looking good over -- partly cloudy skies looking good over the weekend. saturday, sunday less of a marine layer, low 60s to upper 50s very fall-like and the days ahead staying dry and temperate. good morning. san jose live look at highway 87 slows past the hp pavillion. right now light, we'll follow that as the commute gets underway. once again, madonna performing this weekend it going to get crowded anywhere around there.
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right now good drive out of antioch towards pittsburg towards 242 and concord less than 20 minutes out of the central valley tracy up and over the altamont pass in the livermore area light dive. roadwork southbound and northbound through mar -- marin down to one lane both directions between sir francis drake annual dough tunnel -- and waldo tunnel. the magic mirror that promises to make shopping a snap. 6-year-old cancer patient tries to bring halloween to his friends in the hospital. violent reac the next five years.
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good morning. traffic on i-83 emeryville moving fine, light that may not be the case later this morning as people try to get into san francisco on the bay bridge to head to a number of events. picking is the tough part. we'll check in with meteorologist lisa argen to see how weather will be. pick several. 5:16. european financial leaders in greece this morning trying to determine if the nation can make payments on a huge bailout loan. riot police used pepper spray to stop a protest by shipyard workers. they say they haven't been paid in months. demonstrations and strikes are
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growing in greece as the government imposes a strict austerity program. in turkey, police on alert this morning for more violent anti-war protests activists tried to march on the parliament building as lawmakers approve cross border raids into syria, retaliation for a mortar attack that killed five civilians. turkey's prime minister says he does not want war with syria but says he will protect the border. friendly fire may be to blame for the shooting death of a border patrol jean this week. nicholas ivie was kill, a second agent was wounded. the state parole board panel recommending parole for charles manson follower in prison for 40 years. bruce davis was convicted with manson in two murders,
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unrelated to the infamous sharon tate murders in 1969. this is davis' 27th parole hearing he turns 70 today. 6-year-old san bruno boy battling brain cancer is collecting halloween costumes for his friends in the hospital. when nicco heard he will be able to go trick-or-treating he was delighted but felt bad for the kids who were too sick to join him. sony co-and his family started a -- so nicco and his family started a costume drive. >> people in the hospital can't go trick-or-treating. >> did you think they should have costumes too? >> yeah. >> to get into the halloween spirit he dressed up as a "star wars" storm trooper. his family is accepting costumes at their automotive business in san bruno. if you can help go to click on see it on tv. great idea. what a great kid. >> i've got some costumes too
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small for the kids i'm going to drive them over there, can't not help. halloween still a ways off, definitely going to feel like fall. >> i eat candy all the time. >> you see a lot of people dressed up like sailors. good morning, cloudier start lots of low clouds and fog impacting inland east bay now, concord, livermore, grey skies as you look towards roof camera, grey and the sun not coming up until 7:09, setting 6:46. live doppler 7 hd confirms the low cloudiness and as a result temperatures except for well to the north santa rosa are mild 49 there. 50s elsewhere, going to take a little time to clear back in fact the next four, five hours we're going to stay grey. 56 fremont, good morning oakland, 60 for you. 57 coast, still mild there,
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once again when we mix out the low clouds and fog we'll see pleasant temperatures here but over the weekend we'll see the milder weather along the coast pretty good timing. 24 hour temperature change cooler napa three degrees cooler two degrees cooler half moon bay overall, chilly start, grab the jacket out there, we will be looking at one mechanism here that is not only going to affect us today, over the weekend that next week. area of low pressure still far offshore but will provide that sea breeze and the cooling of the temperatures today a couple degrees, we'll keep that it way as it stays offshore, as it gets closer and moves overhead, we are looking at changes in terms of perhaps showers as we round out the weekend and begin the workweek. weekend does look dry, temperatures 60s and 70s, 64, mild in the city, also half moon bay, the fog pulling back, 67 in oakland, 77 in
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antioch today and down by the monterey bay, cloudy now, by 12, 1:00, sunshine, 60s, low 70s gilroy. 70s around the bay, mid 70s inland with partly cloudy to mostly sunny monday, tuesday slight chance of showers and then back to mild readings. hopefully friday light. >> so far, so good. good morning. live shot of san rafael, southbound 101 headlights towards central san rafael roadwork around sir francis drake to the waldo tunnel down to one lane until 6:00. once you get to the golden gate bridge, clear, no delays, no fog there any way, no problems getting into san francisco. bay bridge same thing, light no issues headed westbound into the city through treasure island, no metering lights. with all events this weekend we would suggest that you download this free waze app to avoid jams there are a lot
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here this is 101 through san mateo and south towards belmont, is the website to go for in app. it is free. expect a frenzy in san francisco's union square this morning for the grand opening of its newest clothing store. a japanese retailer known for apparel in an array of colors. it lets customers try on a jacket and change the color to see how it might look in different colors. the store is giving away free t-shirts to the first 500 customers who show up this morning. i just wanted to mention that the place where you can drop off costumes, c & c automotive refinishing in san bruno. developing news that could affect hundreds of airline passengers. we just learned what caused an american airline cancellation. one of the world's most
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popular entertainers hooks up with youtube to give fans a weekend thrill. the next five years. that could mean 20,000 new jobs. that's "america's money." i'm rob nelson. .
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someone is going to be a big winner two weeks from tonight $49,000 check it could be you like us on facebook page. click to win $49,000 on our facebook page and that could be you it will take to you this page where you fill out the entry form we an none the winner october 18th, after the game. 5:26. developing news and heads-up for travelers. american airlines has just cancelled a flight from sfo to miami scheduled to takeoff at 6:40 this morning. there are reports that it may have to do with a problem with loose seats that the airline has been dealing with recently that is not confirmed. passenger seats have come loose on four flights in the past week and a half. we are working now to get more
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information and see if any other flights will be impacted. youtube using celebrity power in taking another step toward original programming many joining with rapper jay-z to launch his own youtube channel. will offer lifestyle pieces based on tastes and interests of jay-z. i know you are hoping to see some of his wife too the lovely beyonce. >> he's married? who knew! washington minutes from rewhraoesing latest jobs report. >> gasoline prices soar, we are live how much they went up overnight. could we see $6 gas? why you want to be on high alert for thieves this weekend if you will be out and about in-- enjoying the events.
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good morning. six inches of snow yesterday falling in minnesota, cold arctic plunge allows for temperatures in st. louis only 53 today and tomorrow dallas takes a hit. this morning we are not looking at any airport delays along the eastern seaboard. temperatures ahead of that front with 70s and 80s. we'll be looking at dry conditions here. plenty of low clouds and fog to start out
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huge weekend. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. you may have the urge to pinch yourself if you have to gas up this morning. no you are not having a bad dream, gas prices jumped overnight you may not believe the prices. terry mcsweeney has found something in menlo park that none of us want to see itch >> reporter: these -- these might be the lowest prices for the next week or so, not good
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but the lowest we may see for a week or two. as you can see $5.05 regular unleaded, $5.79 full serve super. right hand conferencer $5.55. the -- this guy ran out of fives soon he might need sixes. look at pictures of the reason experts are saying we have these high prices richmond refinery fire, pipeline problems in southern california leading to shortages that drives prices up in california. wholesale prices going up a dollar a gallon those of us at the pump only felt 30 cents of that we could be over $6 a gallon in some places. talked to a man this morning. >> shocking they go up so fast in a short period of time. without a lot of explanation as to why. they don't seem to go down as fast, never.
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>> reporter: prices nationwide are about $3.78. it is cal and the east coast getting hit. you want to deal with this in an intelligent way, download our free waze app. it is going to tell you how to get around traffic and how to get away from gouging stations, download it make it one of your favorites easy to do, navigate and then the categories gas station it will give you everything where you are. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:33. at least one person was killed in a motorcycle accident in sonoma county last night. car crashed head-on into a motorcycle on arnold drive south of sonoma. two were on the motorcycle one died at the scene the other airlifted to a hospital in critical. no word on how many were in the car or the condition of the driver. >> this morning authorities will be going through what is left of this car to figure out
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why it burst into flames. it happened before 9:30 last night on the upper deck of the bay bridge. the highway patrol shutdown a stretch of the two far right lanes. no one was injured. this morning, the woman charged with ditching her daughter after a botched shoplift ago tempt is sitting in the santa clara jail. this is her mugshot she had been going by the name marcy keelin. cameras were rolling when she stepped out of a police car yesterday after being extradited if nevada where she had been hiding. investigators say she sped off leaving her 10-year-old daughter behind after workers at a safe way in morgan hill spotted them stealing. monthly jobs report just released minutes ago, it is better news for the economy. labor department says jobless rate fell to 7.8% last month. down from 8.5% the previous
5:35 am
month. that beats what analysts were expecting. hopefully that will reflect for better news on wall street. they say 114,000 jobs were added in september that. jobs report may or may not add momentum to romney's campaign ton unseat president obama. the republican challenger -- -- says he was wrong when he commented to wealthy donors about the 47% of americans who don't pay federal income taxes. romney told fox news his life has shown that he cares about 100% of americans. san francisco is expected to be overrun with visitors this weekend with several major events taking police and police will be patrolling all over the city trying to keep trouble to a minimum. crowds coming to watch are two of several major events going on. police say people should be alert in crowded situations and protect their purses and pockets. your phone may be the most
5:36 am
attractive item nor thieves. >> if you are going to -- use your cell phone put it in your pocket like you would your wallet you wouldn't walk around with wallet and cash out don't do it with a three to five hunt dollar piece of electronic equipment. >> police say take steps to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. giants holding rally outside at&t park today to get ready for post-season play this weekend. fans are encouraged to wear orange and pick up a flag. giants went through a light workout yesterday in preparation for the series. they will face the reds. the giants went through their paces with cain spending time in the batting cage. he will be pitching game one tomorrow night at 6:30. bumgarner just announced will start game two sunday.
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a's in detroit this morning series begins tomorrow at 3:00, parker will likely get the start. there are half a dozen other special events this weekend including blue angels and america's cup sailing race. to find out how to get around, go to look for map under see it on tv. click on the event you want to check out. are they all working together to coordinate? giants having their rally 12 noon, when the blue angels may begin their practice this afternoon? >> i would be very surprised if the giants and the pentagon put their heads together over this. 5:37. let's check in with lisa argen. good morning. starting out plenty of low clouds and fog they've made their way to our east bay valleys, grey start out there, temperatures are on the cool side. if you live up to the north in
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santa rosa, upper 40s there to about 60 out towards the delta and for the afternoon mix of sun and clouds call it partly cloudy to mostly sunny mid 60s to upper 70s inland valleys come down a couple degrees, temperatures comfortable at the shoreline and then begin to see sea breeze makes its impact in the afternoon. low 60s, partly cloudy skies looks to be a nice afternoon in the city. of course the blue angels that reason layer thinning throughout the early afternoon saturday and sunday with another 60s around the bay. for the evening hours, brisk, looks to be a nice weekend, today partly cloudy and fairly uniformed temperatures before maybe some raindrops next week. good morning. live shot of 80 through emeryville, funneling into the macarthur maze you can see
5:39 am
traffic flowing nicely we like it like that, no delays on east shore freeway bay bridge toll remains light no delays here metering lights off. no sluggish traffic on upper deck into san francisco. this weekend virtual gridlock on the embarcadero northbound between washington and bay streets, one lane blocked off for bicyclists. they are worried there will be a lot of pedestrians at the water front watching blue angels, fleet week and america's cup they've decided to shutdown that northbound lane if you were thinking of funneling in from the east bay peninsula, san francisco, make alternate plans not the way to go this weekend. bart running extra trains for all the events bart to bieber tomorrow night, muni extra buses caltrain stanford in town, a lot of events outside of san francisco that you want to take mass transit to as well. local teen fights to become an eagle scout. next, why his scout troop is
5:40 am
denying his dream and the thousands coming to his support now. little south bay girl and her dog emotional reunion days after it was stolen from her. are you ready ?
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good morning. looking live at traffic in emeryville i-80 zipping along. it is streets in san francisco that you need to be concerned about a little this weekend with all the events going on from fleet week to giants games to america's cup. we'll tell you more about that coming up. moraga teenager has gained thousands of supporters as his fight becomes eagle or he's fighting to become an eagle scout that is being denied, because he's gay. 17-year-old ryan spent years earning badges and completed final project to become an eagle scout. the boy scouts recently found out he's gay. a scout executive released a statement saying ryan does not meet membership standard on sexual orientation. a family friend who is an gull -- an eagle scout is
5:44 am
disappointed. >> to not get it on a technicality that had nothing to do with his progress to get this point, frustrating. >> right wrap's mom is trying to quinn the boy could you tells to change -- to convince the boy scouts to change the anti-gay policy. the family plans to tell their story on national tv next week. stolen puppy is back home this is the tearful reunion between 10-year-old marisa and her dog miko. thieves broke into her home and stole the puppy monday she pleaded for the dog's return even offering her savings as a reward. yesterday a woman came forward saying a woman gave her the puppy after finding it wandering in a parking lot. >> i want to say thank to you everybody who made this happen. i just can't believe he's in my arms right now. i thought he would be gone for
5:45 am
-- forever. >> city councilmember, police and firefighters presented blanca with a check for $6,000 as a reward. she accepted the check. she would not take marisa's piggy bank money. >> i'm sure police are not giving up on their efforts to find the thief. new jobless figures are just out. investors are going through these numbers. wall street's reaction next. new developments in the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya and the death of the ambassador with strong ties to the bay area. e-mail putting the obama administration in the hot seat. daily coffee fix, the new research revealing
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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good morning. low clouds and fog pulling back across the bay area throughout the afternoon going to provide sunny skies, tahoe 65 and sunny, low 70s big sur and we will be looking at a sun and cloud mix today. low clouds and fog all wait to our inland valleys, cool, another cool afternoon with sunshine -- likes like more marine layer mixes out over the weekend. 5:48. new this morning, abc news has
5:49 am
obtained internal e-mail indicating the state department denied major security request from the u.s. embassy in libya months before a deadly attack. last month u.s. ambassador chris stevens was killed in a terror attack. three other americans were also kill. the new e-mail is from may it shows state department officials turned didn't a request for a d c-3 plane meant to help the security team move safely through libya. the state department is currently investigating attack. new film about the raid and killing of bin laden last year dramatic movie seal team 6, will air sunday november 4, two days before the presidential election on national geographic channel distributed by harvey weinstein's company he is a prominent fundraiser for president obama's reelection. the channel says the air date is not related to politics.
5:50 am
another note, mitt romney's wife ann has been booked as a guest host on "good morning america" next week she will fill in for robin. the appearance set for wednesday october 10th. abc news is in discussions with the first lady for a similar guest appearance when her schedule allows. mike is off today. meteorologist lisa argen bringing cool weather and morning fog. that's right. i think today out of the next three will be the cloudiest and the foggiest otherwise marine layer mixes out in time for all the events around the bay. right now the sun up, 7:09, sets at 6:46. we are looking at plenty of grey as you head out this morning. temperatures have cooled off for valleys over the north bay, live doppler you can see that solid mass of low clouds and fog this morning. it is at a higher deck, we are not looking at the poor
5:51 am
visibilities, three to four mile visibility from our coast, 57 now half moon bay good morning oakland 60 for you. cool spot 49 santa rosa, 56 in fremont, mostly cloudy this morning, talking a partly cloudy weekend, temperatures on the cool side holding off the chance of showers into monday and tuesday. we have a feature that feature going to influence us for not only the weekend into the rest of next week as well. look at all the cloud cover throughout the day. we become partly cloudy throughout the afternoon it going to take time, as a result, the numbers are going to be on the cool side. keep that in mind. this system offshore, is bringing that enhanced marine layer, low clouds and fog onshore push going to be with us offshore today, tomorrow, sunday and then monday, tuesday it begins to track south. it will provide cloudy skies, onshore flow and afternoon sun. 72 sunnyvale, 71 menlo park. another day on the cool side.
5:52 am
mild here with that onshore flow backing off early on low 60s to mid 60s then late afternoon we get sea breeze, 68 in petaluma, 67 in oakland today, 70 union city. head inland mid 70s, 7 adanville, monterey bay -- 75 in danville, 73 in gilroy, partly cloudy today, tomorrow about the same, should see burn off a little sooner that's the forecast into sunday could get wet monday. good morning. live now to the san jose 87 northbound direction tail lights headed in across from the hp pavillion hopping this weekend with madonna per -- performing. right now traffic flowing nicely. east shore freeway beginning to bunch up past golden gate fields into emeryville, berkeley and funneling into the macarthur maze no delays at bay bridge toll, in some
5:53 am
company here. carquinez bridge eastbound 80 still have the three lanes blocked because of roadwork not causing too many delays now otherwise traffic flowing nicely into san francisco. mass transit will be key this weekend for not only events in san francisco but outside the bay area with cal playing stanford, madonna concert, justin bieber at oracle arena. bart would be a great way to go. in san francisco muni has extra buses for all events. cal taking on ucla part of homecoming weekend stanford having their home game really busy weekend coming up. going to be busy on wall street they are taking a careful look at latest monthly jobs report just released by the labor department numbers are better than expected. here's jane king. good morning. september jobs number is out and the number of jobs created
5:54 am
in september about what economists surveyed expected the number came in at 114,000 jobs created last month. we expected 115,000. almost right on target there. the interesting thing about this report the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8%. that is the exact number when president obama took office in january of 2009. the number dropped because more people found part-time work. we expected the unemployment rate to inch up slightly. the unemployment number is worth watching closely, one more monthly report that comes november 2nd, four days before the presidential election. trading stocks gain yesterday weekly jobs report showing unemployment claims climbed by less than expected. how would you like a stwrob with your latte?
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starbucks hiring 20,000 over the next fife years as it opens 1,000 new stores. those -- knows currently working at starbucks, --. before you pour another cup of coffee this morning, new study links too much coffee to a loss of eyesight. researchers phone people who drank a lot of coffee had a higher risk of developing a type of glaucoma. people who drank three or more cups of caffeinated coffee, per day were up to 66% more likely to develop the eye disease which can lead to blindness. researchers think it may be due in part that calf between increases fluid -- that
5:56 am
caffeine increases fluid pressure in the eyes. researchers tracked 9,000 women in st. louis, a program offering free birth control lead to dramatically lower rates of abortions and teen births. researchers found teen pregnancies were cut by more than 75% compared to national rate. nasa's curiosity rover is about to begin playing in a sandbox that is 40 million miles from earth. tomorrow, curiosity will scoop up a sample of the martian sand and begin getting it ready for analysis that means shaking the sample vigorously for eight hours in a container. rover will repeat the process at least two more times over the next week to clean residual earth grease out of the testing system. the fourth time onboard strums will test the sand's chemical composition. next, get ready for a very busy bay area weekend from
5:57 am
traffic to weather, we'll break down everything you know to get about during these events. this morning, american airlines cancelling dozens of flights across country because of recurring seat problems. you have to check this guy out! he might be the biggest a's fans ever. the viral video. >> speaking of too much coffee.
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